What’s up Good People!

That is basically how I start every invitation to everything that I ever send out EVER!  So, you know sometimes we make these grandiose statements like, “Today, I am going to start working out.” “Today, I will clean my entire closet.”  Maybe, those aren’t grandiose statements, but LORDY sometimes in the midst of everything that may be happening in your life, making these statements seems like you’re taking on a HUGE fete!

So let me share a little bit of knowledge from my 27 years on this great planet.  Celebrate every accomplishment you have.  If it’s cleaning your closet, taking out the trash, working out, or something huge like landing your DREAM job or buying a house…YOU DID THAT ISH!!!!! Celebrate it… All of it!  This world won’t always do it for you, and quite frankly the world doesn’t owe it to you.  BUT my dear friend, you gotta look in the mirror and do your own happy dance, to your own music!  When you do that, you aren’t surprised by your success, because you’ve been celebrating your growth the whole time.  Take a moment for yourself. Do it. Live it. Own it!

Peace, blessings, and love!


Projects and Dreams

The progression on a new project is sometimes slow and steady.  Sometimes I feel like God places the vision in your head of what you could be if you just keep trying.  He doesn’t show you all of the steps that it will take to get there.  That might overwhelm us.  He shows us the somewhat finished product and says, “Now, what are you going to do about it?”  That’s the power of free will.  Are you going to push to reach that goal? Or are you going to give up before you even start?

I am the ultimate dreamer.  There is not a day that goes by where my mind doesn’t move a thousand miles an hour.  Sometimes my mind moves so quickly that I’m scared if I stop moving and just sit down, my mind will literally explode!  What I’m finding is that the complete opposite is true.  If I sit down and let my mind settle, maybe just maybe, only the really good ideas will reveal themselves to me.  Only the ones that are worth acting on will emerge through the clutter of it all.  The good projects will have time to be worked on and completed.   This is not something I have mastered, but I can honestly say I am working on it.

Be a dreamer, be a project creator, be a project FINISHER!  That’s my mantra (or at least I’m getting there!)

Be well!